Wednesday, 31 August 2011

I've just made a city!

I am God. I can create city's by just clicking my mouse. For a few hours! So I decided to take a break from the car and make a city. I got inspiration from a friend of mine called pixaal. He's done some really cool renders of citys, and also drawings of them. (You can find his site here. Anyhow, I made this city. Yes it's going to stay as a sort of permanent work in progress, because I don't want to do any more to it even though I know I should...there's lots I could do to it! The camera lens flare is utterly on a ridiculous scale, but seeing as it was my first time using the nodes compositor without a tutorial, I'm very happy overall.

(click for full res)

I'm also working on a competition over at blendswap to model a military vehicle. More on that soon!

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