Thursday, 22 December 2011

Large update!

So I'm going to be doing a large update, coming in a couple of posts; one today, one tomorrow, and so on. So basically, as I'm on Christmas holidays now, I can do more work in Blender. So my first update: A vehicle!! And finished, unlike my Porsche, sorry about that. I made this sleigh for a competition on blenderartists, where the theme was "Santa's sleigh". I decided, heigh ho, Santa needs a new sleigh now and then, surely?! Here is my "modern" take on his sleigh:


Some things I love about it, some things not so much....although as it's my first render using Blender's new renderer, Cycles. Cycles is a very nice ray tracing render engine developed by Brecht van Lommel, a developer of blender. Cycles is a huge step up from the Blender Internal renderer, allowing real time rendering inside the 3D view port! Cycles also makes use of GPU rendering, rather than just CPU, (which it can also do). Until tomorrow!

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